Behta Daroo Afarinesh Pharmaceutical Company

Behta Daroo Afarinesh Pharmaceutical Company was established in 2014 and has started its activity as a knowledge-based company in the scientific and research town of Isfahan
The company was founded with the aim of achieving healthy, natural and environmentally friendly products
In this regard, in the field of plant products, which include plant extracts and without harmful chemicals, is formulated in the company's R&D department and offere to the pharmaceutical market



Cut Reflux Capsule

بهتا دارو1

Immunobry capsule

بهتا دارو2

Immunobri Syrup

بهتا دارو3

RectoSupp – Rectal Suppository

بهتا دارو4

Garcinofit Capsule

بهتا دارو5

AnaHealth Capsule

بهتا دارو6

Arthroheal Capsule

بهتا دارو7

Vaginfect Suppository

بهتا دارو8

LiverKing Capsule

بهتا دارو9

Muscle Herb Capsule

بهتا دارو10

L-Carnitine Capsule

بهتا دارو11

PMS pause Capsule

بهتا دارو12

Relax Herb Capsule

بهتا دارو13

Sildena Herb Capsule

بهتا دارو14

Libidofem Capsule

بهتا دارو15

Energy Herb Capsule

بهتا دارو16

MangoSlim Capsule

بهتا دارو17