Sepanta Health Corporation, located at Isfahan Science and Technology Town, consists of 18 knowledge-based companies and is located in the scientific research town of Isfahan. Member companies are active in the field of high technology products in the following four main areas: and is related into three areas. Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and Food industry Sepanta Health Corporation has become a well-known and trustable source of supply for a wide range is a comprehensive source of supplying high-tech products in the field of health-related products. and also has become a prominent and trustable brand in society. Sepanta Health Corporation engages in major projects of medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industry. The collective and united movement of technology and innovative companies such as Sepanta Health Corporation towards creating achieving knowledge creation and achieving customer satisfaction is a valuable movement., in turn, is an irreplaceable and important movement. Sepanta Health Corporation’s competitive advantages comprise of having a carrying out enormous projects in the fields of medical equipment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as food industries are other activities of Sepanta Health. Having a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of health-oriented products, a strong supply chain, and also superiority in technology and initiative, to mention a few can be mentioned as the competitive advantages of Sepanta Healt. Our most prominent goals include achieving up-to-date knowledge, producing high-tech products, and cooperating with good international partners all around the worlds in other countries are our important goals. Sepanta Health Corporation It should also be noted that our company is a member of the Association of Knowledge-Based Companies and also has the support of Isfahan Science and Technology Town Isfahan Scientific Research Town as well as the Presidential Innovation and Prosperity Fund.