Amvaj Negar Sepahan as Knowledge Base Company was founded in 2009 with the goal of research, design and manufacturing of electronic medical devices. This company tries to design and produce different devices based on the technologies, world standards and the needs of physicians and specialists.
Amvaj Negar Sepahan got the certificate of production from Iran medical equipment department in 2011. The company succeeded in receiving the ISO13485 quality management system certification in 2019 and the CE mark for electrocardiography products in 2020. Now, this company is independent manufacturer variety of Electrocardiographs and also vital signs simulators

Products and technology 

Twelve-channel electrocardiograph model Negar A210

Six-channel electrocardiograph model Negar A110

Three-channel electrocardiograph model Negar A110

C80 three-channel electrocardiograph

Electrocardiograph based on computer model PC 216

ECG simulator model ANSIM-12

ECG simulator model SIMPLE-12



3Channels Electrocardiograph, Model: C80

اموج نگار1

3Channels Electrocardiograph, Model: Negar A80

اموج نگار2

6Channels Electrocardiograph, Model: Negar A110

اموج نگار3


اموج نگار4

ECG & Resp & Pace Simulator, Model: ANSIM-12

اموج نگار5

ECG Simulator, Model: Simple-12

اموج نگار6

PC Based Electrocardiograph, Model: PC216

اموج نگار7