Tour of Arab Health Medical equipment Exhibition

Arab Health Exhibition (Arab
Health) is one of the largest exhibitions and congresses in the Middle East and the second largest medical equipment exhibition in the world, which is held on January 30 to 2
February 2023, corresponding to 10 to 13 Bahman 1401 in the UAE, Dubai city, with more than
3,000 exhibitors from 70 countries were held in the field of medical equipment.
Sepenta Salamat Ayrik Company as the company's international agent
Industrial towns of Isfahan province with a memorandum of understanding responsible for holding an exhibition tour
The Arab became healthy. This tour is to visit the Arab Health International Exhibition in Dubai
In February 1401, the trade delegation consisting of 19 companies from the owners of the medical equipment industries of the towns
He sent the industry of Isfahan province to the UAE, the city of Dubai.

The objectives of this exhibition tour include the following
1. Gaining international experience
2. Familiarity with the latest achievements and technologies
World day in the field of diving equipment
3. Imitating new marketing styles
4. Sales and distribution of products
5. Reviewing and monitoring competitors in the international arena
6. Networking and establishing global interactions