Sepanta Airik Accelerator

Sepanta Airik is the first biotechnology accelerator in Isfahan province with an acceleration license
No. 90628/11 from Biotechnology Development Headquarters and Strategic Technologies Development Center
Presidential Scientific and Technological Vice-Chancellor with the goal of synergy
Technology ecosystem, support for technology cores in the field of biotechnology and commercialization of projects
Scientific and research university has started its activity.
The businesses that are formed in this center become independent after obtaining the product
   But they still have the genetics of the parent company with them. Technology cores should be after exiting
Accelerators achieve more breakthroughs and pitch to biomedical companies
Become a technology. We strive to provide our services, facilities and equipment
The selection of these teams is located and their ideas reach the stage of registration and business

Support product development.

Contact Us

Sepanta Airik Accelerator Address: Unit 111, Innovation and technology Zone of Isfahan University, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

Phone: +98 31-37932420      ,    +98-9133238176