Fannema Exhibition

Sepanta Salamat Ayrik Company, as the export agent of the Vice President for Science and Technology, as well as the agent of international interactions and the executive of the Association of Knowledge-Based Companies of Isfahan Province, by holding the second technology and innovation exhibition entitled "Fan Nama", invited and accepted from foreign guests in this big technology event.
This exhibition will be held in 11 pavilions and technology areas:

- Environment, agriculture and food security
- Construction and related industries
- Oil, gas and petrochemicals
- Steel
- Health and biotechnologies
- Artificial intelligence
- Innovation and creativity
- Green transportation
- Energy
- Defense and nuclear industries
- International interactions and cooperation

Time of holding Exhibition:

October 1st tio 4th, 2024


Event Place:

Isfahan province, International Isfahan Exhibition

Exhibition Website:

نمایشگاه فناوری و نوآوری "فن نما"